How to Read Performance Record- A Performance Record will list all points earned by an equine or exhibitor with PtHA. The ROM Code is the abbreviation of the class. ROM Codes can be found here. It will also list if the points were earned in Open (OP), Youth (YA) or Amateur (AO) Division classes. Points from different divisions are not combined for Lifetime awards, such as ROMs or ROEs. Youth and Amateur points are calculated by Unit (Pinto/Exhibitor combination).

Local Shows - Local shows are hosted by PtHA Charters or other equine clubs as listed on the show information on the PtHA Website with 1-4 judges. Local shows choose the class offerings based on their clientele. You must contact the hosting group for local show information or requests.

Jubilee- Jubilee shows must be hosted by 2 or more Approved PtHA Charters, with 3 judges. Exhibitors receive points from each judge and the points from the Average Card, totaling 4 sets of points. Jubilee show hosts choose the class offerings based on their clientele. You must contact the hosting group for local show information or requests.


Entries- There are no pre-qualifications required to enter the Pinto World Championships or the Color Breed Congress shows. All pre-entries must be postmarked by the published pre-entry deadline. Forms must be completed in full and submitted with payment in order to be accepted. All classes you wish to pre-enter must be on the entry form. Any class added after the pre-entry deadline will be subject to the late entry cost. You may enter up to the day before the class by 6pm at the Show Office at the post entry fee price as applicable to the time frame in which you sign up. If you are planning on NSBA Classes, see NSBA Classes below. You may participate in NSBA Dual approved classes without signing up for the NSBA portion of that class.

Pinto World- All Owners and Exhibitors must be current PtHA Members in order to show. All Equine must be registered with PtHA in order to show. Equine may NOT be registered on site. All registrations, transfers, and leases must be completed with the National PtHA Office.

Color Breed Congress- All Owners and Exhibitors must be current Members with the Association in which they are showing. All Equine must be registered with the Association in which they are showing. Equine may NOT be registered on site for any breed. For any breed, except PtHA, you must include a copy of the registration papers and membership cards for Owner and Exhibitors with the entry forms. Show Office staff is not able to look up Membership IDs or Registration IDs in lieu of missing documentation.

Stalls- Stall reservation forms must be post marked by the published pre-entry date or be subject to the published late fee price. Stall assignments are based on the stall locations previously established at past PWC/CBC Shows. Please see the published premium book for assignment guidelines and additional stalling rules. Stall assignments will not be posted or announced before the show. You must check in at the Stalling Office with appropriate health certificates in order to receive your stalling location. When checking in, you must provide the name your stall reservation is under. Example: If your trainer listed their name on your reservation, you must give the trainer’s name instead of your name. If the incorrect name is given, we will not be able to locate your reservation.

High Point Awards- In order to receive a High Point Award in any division, you must provide the Owner/Leasee/Exhibitor Social Security Number on your entry form’s W9. All awards won over $600 in value will be subject to 1099 Tax Reporting Forms per the IRS for that calendar year. Open High Points must have the Owner or current Leasee’s Social Security Number. Amateur Exhibitors must have the exhibitors Social Security Number. Youth Exhibitors 18 years of age must provide their own Social Security Number, however, Youth Exhibitors 17 & Under can provide their own or a Parent/Legal Guardian’s Social Security Number. The Awards given per division are published in each shows Premium Book.

NSBA Classes- Youth & Amateur NSBA dual approved classes award NSBA points and a trophy for the first place NSBA exhibitor. Open NSBA Dual approved classes award NSBA points, trophy to first place NSBA equine, and payout. Due to the Open class payout, Open NSBA classes require you to provide the Owner Social Security Number on your entry form’s W9. NSBA Dual Approved classes require both Owner & Exhibitor’s current NSBA memberships. Copies of the NSBA membership cards must be submitted with your entry forms. NSBA Dual Approved classes do not need an NSBA Registration paper or SIF (Stallion Incentive Fund) certificate.

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